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      This morning I got an email from one of my company pension scheme trustees, which I have copied and pasted below. I have used the link and answered the questionnaire….

      Dear all

      In view of the current health emergency I am disregarding my hitherto inflexible rule that Mike’s List will only be used to circulate information about pensions.

      I received this email today from a reliable source: “Please join this research project that is trying to track the development of Covid 19. https://covid.joinzoe.com/

      I have double-checked the origin of the website and am absolutely sure that it is genuine. I have signed up myself. It is necessary to download the Covid research app and to then follow the instructions. On my first attempt to sign up the site froze on me which may well have been that too many people were signing up.

      It seems to me that this is a very worthwhile research project which will benefit everybody.

      Kind regards and stay safe!

      Mike P

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      Daryl Haigh
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        I received the same thing from someone I know that works with cancer patients, so trust it and downloaded it, and it was super simple to set up.

        I shall continue to use it for as long as necessary.


            Those of us with computers / servers sat around can also help the Rosetta and Folding@Home projects:



            Both can run simultaneously, FAH tends to use GPU and BOINC tends to use CPU, FAH are struggling to provide enough work right now but BOINC are keeping my machines 100% busy.

            Tony Stanford-Beale
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              Never did find ET with my SETI……..


                  F@H are churning out more work,bringing more servers up, and are now the most powerful computer ever assembled – just passed the ExaFLOP barrier!


                  In an astounding accomplishment powered by normal people around the world joining forces to beat the coronavirus, the administrators of the Folding@Home network reported today that the network has passed one exaFLOP of compute power, which is the equivalent of ten times the compute power of the world’s fastest supercomputer, Summit. It’s also more raw compute power than the top 103 supercomputers in the world, combined.

                  A quick check of the stats today at Folding@Home reveals the network is now theoretically capable of 1.5 exaFLOPS from CPUs, powered by 4,630,510 CPU cores, and is augmented by 435,563 GPUs.

                  Derek Bagshaw
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                    I got this email earlier today, which some may find interesting, especially the links towards the end.


                    My name is Professor Tim Spector and I’m one of the lead scientists at King’s College behind the COVID Symptom Tracker app.

                    First, thank you for downloading the app: over 2 million people have contributed how they feel. This has already given us valuable data to help us track the disease’s progress, identify new symptoms and risk factors, and most importantly slow its spread.

                    Through Health Data Research UK (the national institute for health data science) we are making the data available to local government and the NHS so they can support your community.

                    COVID near you

                    Furthermore, teams of data scientists at ZOE and King’s College London have built a model to predict which areas of the country have the most symptomatic COVID.

                    If you’re curious to see our map, click here to find out how COVID has affected your area. https://joinzoe.us13.list-manage.com/track/click?u=48d605e2453cb0ad3892e077d&id=107b70ee6a&e=825fbe6a7e

                    You can find out how we’ve done it here. https://joinzoe.us13.list-manage.com/track/click?u=48d605e2453cb0ad3892e077d&id=9c31486c79&e=825fbe6a7e

                    Is lockdown working?

                    We think so.

                    The team and I have done our own analysis – you can read it here. It is more important than ever to stay at home, so we can beat this virus together.

                    Keep sharing

                    Don’t forget, if you could take 1 minute each day to report how you feel (even if you’re well), your contribution will play a huge role in our collective effort to beat COVID in the UK. Please share this e-mail with friends and family to ask them to download the app.

                    Stay well,

                    Tim Spector & the COVID Symptom Tracker team

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