About Us

Hampshire & Berkshire 4×4 response consists of a group of volunteers who offer their time and their 4×4 vehicles to provide assistance to the emergency services, local authorities and other volunteer organisations, primarily within the counties of Hampshire and Berkshire.

Our aim is to provide 4×4 logistical support to the services during times of severe weather and other crisis.

Our Members come from all walks of life and drive a variety of 4×4’s, from modified offroad vehicles to completely standard family cars.

We are a member on the National 4×4 Response Network and are one of the many individual organisations through out England, Wales and Scotland which form this network.

Nationwide groups have helped to:

  • Evacuate members of the public during floods
    • Transport water & food to cut off areas during floods
    • Assisted Ambulance crews and doctors to reach remote areas cut off by snow
    • Recovered stranded motorists during heavy snow fall
    • Transported Search and Rescue teams to remote areas
    • Provided support to festival organisers when the British summer doesn’t play ball.

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