Joining up to Hampshire & Berkshire 4×4 Response is easy and membership is available in two categories:

  • Responder – If you own a 4×4 and wish to become an active Responder attending call outs. Cost £25
  • Support member – If you don’t own a 4×4, support membership  allows you to play an active role in the organisation providing support to the Responders on long call out’s or during official events and trainings days.  Cost: Free to spouses/partners of full responders £10 to independent members.

To become a Responder you should:

  • Own a road legal 4×4 (taxed, MOT’d and insured)
  • Hold a full driving licence (valid in the UK) for 3 or more years.
  • Have accrued no more than 6 Penalty points.

If you have answered yes to the above or wish to be a support member then read on…

To become a member, please fill in an application to join via one of the following two methods. Please do not make a payment at this stage.

  • Fill out the online application form HERE


  • Download and fill out the appropriate membership form (available at bottom of page)
  • Email this to the membership secretary, email address can be found on the form.

Once we have received your application we will contact you to finish the process.

  • You will attend a brief introduction with one of our committee members – either as a group or arranged on an individual basis as required. We will take a photo and signature for your ID card.
  • The annual £25 membership is to be paid on completion of the introduction. You can pay online via the website, or in cash or cheque to the committee member conducting the introduction.
  • Join the H&B4x4R Forum. This is the best way to stay in touch with other group members and receive News and information from the group.

What do I get for my Membership fee?

  • Most importantly, you will be covered by our Public Liability Insurance.
  • You will receive your 4×4 Response stickers and your ‘HR’ number to display on your vehicle (Responder members only) in the post and a colour photo ID card, which you must have with you when attending a call out.
  • Your membership fee helps to cover our running costs including our automated SMS alert system.

Download Responder Membership (MS Word)  (Adobe pdf)
Download Support Membership (MS Word) (Adobe pdf)


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