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Join online

New members are now able to join online.

See the Membership page for more info and the link to the online form.

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Support Member Subscription

Hampshire and Berkshire 4×4 Response are pleased to introduce a new rank of membership.

The role of Support Member has been introduced to allow non 4×4 owners to get involved and play an active role within our group and to serve the community. In addition to providing assistance at official events and training days the role of Support Member is aimed at providing support to Responders while on extended call-outs. Duties could involve administrative tasks as well helping to provide refreshments to responders on call. Call-outs such as the Isle of Wight festival in June of 2012 where some Responders were on location for up to 3 days provide an perfect example of how this role will benefit the group.

Support membership will be charged at £10 for the year for individuals while spouses or partners of active Responders can join for free. For more information on how to sign up please click here.

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Isle of Wight Incident Response


When news of the chaos on the Isle of Wight made the national news on Thursday 21st June, 4×4 Response were already involved.  10 responders on the Island were key to bringing the queues under control, but with around 3,000 cars at the venue, more resources were needed.

Hampshire and Berkshire 4×4 Response led the support from the National 4×4 Response Network, and mobilised 24 responders equipped with tow-ropes, camping gear, and a sense of humour!   By the end of Friday we had established an on-site control centre and were bringing some much needed relief to the on-site team.

TJ Nicolson, Chairman of HB4x4R and National Trustee, described the conditions as some of the worst he’d ever seen, but our responders kept going pulling people out of the muddy car park and helping them get safely home.

We estimate approximately 2,800 cars parked at the festival, and most of them were either towed in, towed out, or both!





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Press Release

Press release from Wokingham Borough Council

December 24th 2009

Volunteers from the Hampshire and Berkshire 4×4 Response Group came to the aid of Wokingham Borough Council’s community care workers as they struggled to reach vulnerable adults during the recent severe weather.

The heavy snow and freezing conditions made it difficult for domiciliary care workers to reach their clients since the severe weather began and, on Wednesday December 23, the Council’s community resilience team contacted Hampshire and Berkshire 4×4 Response Group for some help. The Response Group sent two of their volunteer drivers, Matt Lincoln and Ian Andrews both from Aldershot, to help get care workers to their clients.

The response group is a team of volunteers who use their own 4×4 vehicles to help emergency services and local authorities during severe weather.

Wokingham Borough Council domiciliary care manager Sue Kelly said: “The conditions were very difficult but we always find a way to get to those vulnerable people who need our help. Our team have been coping with the very difficult conditions and the volunteers from Hampshire and Berkshire 4×4 were wonderfully helpful when they came. We had been struggling to get to all the people we wanted to – people who need help with day to day things we all take for granted such as washing themselves or getting dressed – and having those guys come with their 4×4 was a godsend.”

Hampshire and Berkshire 4×4 Response Group chairman TJ Nicolson said: “Local authorities and other services cannot really afford to have 4×4 sitting around all the time just for the very rare times when they are necessary and that is why we volunteer to use our vehicles – which are often our pride and joy – to help in emergencies. Our group was set up about three months ago and ways in which we have helped include taking paramedics to emergencies when their vehicles can’t reach them and following ambulance in case they get stuck somewhere. We were delighted to help out in Wokingham Borough and will always try to be available in the future.”

Hampshire and Berkshire 4×4 Response Group welcomes new volunteers who are keen to put their time and vehicles to good use and anybody interest can contact them via the website at

Wokingham Borough Council community resilience manager Peter Stuart said: “It is great to have volunteers such as the response group to help in difficult situations and I would like to thank them for giving up their time to help some of our most vulnerable residents.”

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