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      Just thought i would say Hi to the group and by way of intro, let you know a little about me.

      Retired last year, after 38 years of Air Traffic Control all around the country.  Live on the coast with my wife of 6 years.  Had my Defender from new (19 years) and have joked that i’ll be buried in it. Lightly modified, such that it is capable off road (a SADLR member) but still a “good” road car.  Toured Italy and Scotland in it last year.  Other interests include being a Marine Mammal Medic (rescuing seals, dolphins and whales), thankfully little activity in Hampshire, DIY ( house rebuild) and working with wood.  Have had the pleasure of meeting with many members during the recent COVID activity and hope to see many more on training days and other events.  Cheers Steve

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      Graham Middleton
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        Welcome aboard, Steve.


        Thanks for your help.

        Derek Bagshaw
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          Hi Steve welcome to the group, good to hear we have not allowed you to get bored with nothing to do.


              Welcome to the team 🙂



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