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    Nick Jennings
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    Very Good evening fellow responders,

    Last time we had snow of any decent quantity I was tasked to do some hospital patient transport.

    I just thought I would mention a couple of items that helped in those tasks. A couple of blankets for the patients to either sit on or cover them over.

    A caravan type step to help the less mobile up into the passenger area.

    Be safe if you get deployed – smile to showed you enjoyed :D


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    Good points Nick, I will have to find the step my other half uses.

    Charlie Von Landau
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    Will do , have pack ready to throw in Defender, am I being to nice and letting those who want an electric seat heater? I try to carry bottles of water and snacks. Now have hi vis vest, snow boots , thermal hats and gloves. We rarely get snow due to our refinery heating system close by.

    Alan Hughes
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    Charlie, If you carry 1/2 the kit Nick does you’ll be fine. He has his own Bear Grills in a box in case its needed…

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