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    Phil Martin
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    Hi all.

    Time for a bit of market research!

    How did you hear about Hampshire & Berkshire 4×4 Response?

    Let us know via what medium (Radio, Press etc.) and the name please.



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    Andrew Brierley

      Trained off-road with Pete Bickley of Suffolk Rover Response who wetted my appetite, then did some digging on the internet through the National forum

      Peter Beaumont

        People at Thames Valley 4X4 then had a look my self then joined

        Kevin Blain
        • Responder

        Welcome along Pete.


        Andrew Marchant

          Friends in my Land Rover club (BHCLRC) are already 4×4 response members.

          I liked the sound of it, but no longer living in Cambridgeshire made it a little impractical!

          Found the national response website from the BHC responder site, and then found the local group… I only had to wait for my insurers to say “yes” :D


          Chris Thompson 2

            I heard about 4×4 response from a guy on Toyota Landcruiser Owners Club forum and googled for a group local.


              Heard about it from kev, when I was doing a 4×4 experience in his disco near reading, if he’s still around? had a goatee or something seem to remember

              Jamie Beattie

                I. Heard off a frends les ward who is no longer a member

                simon cragg
                • Responder

                Via the national 4×4 response web site, then on to HB4x4R….

                Ian Gordon

                  I first heard about this group from Andy when we met one time at a Raynet event, and since I live within a mile of the borders with both Hampshire and Berkshire (in Camberley) and had already joined the Surrey Group (which I heard about through a local government newsletter) I thought I should join this group as an Associate Responder as otherwise I’d be “wasting” more than half the ground I can sensibly respond in.

                  Don Cushing
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                  Looked on web had 4×4 thought must be like minded people out their that can use their expertise out to help others.

                  Adam Taylor-Ross
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                  Saw ” 4×4 response” represented at both Peterborough and L2B and thought I’d like to do more too :D

                  Geoff Wood-Hill
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                  Nothing very original from me, just Googled 4×4 clubs


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                  Brian Billsberry
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                  I did some research on the web, liked what I saw and then got in touch with Andy Cunningham.

                  Trevor Elliott
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                  Info from another 4×4 group and then googled to find my local group

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                  Peter Marke
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                  Hi There

                  I am a member of SADLRC (Solent & District Land Rover Club)

                  At one of our Monthly Meetings we had a visit and talk from Wessex 4×4 Club, explaining the 4×4 response club what they do etc.

                  From this I then googled and found Hampshire 4×4 and then joined :-)

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