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    Michael Jones
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    Hi guys and gals

    I haven’t seen any get together or training since being here wondering how people would feel if I arrange something as I think we need to become a team not a member

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    Phil Martin
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    If you would like to have a go at organising something please feel free to post it up in the events section. It’s tough as we cover such a vast area but there have been some in the past and there is often interest shown towards some informal social gatherings. Its definitely good to meet up and get to know each other outside of formal events/call outs.

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    Neil Allen

      I would be up for a get together it’s been a while :D

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      Sounds good to me.

      Charlie Von Landau
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      I’m up for it

      Tony Stanford-Beale
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      As a new joiner to the forum and with membership awaiting, I think it would be a great idea to get together especially on the training front

      Graham Middleton
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      Tim Harrower, our Training Manager, and Axel are working out a training schedule at the moment. Info should be out soon.

      As for get-togethers, I think this is an excellent idea. We may well organise a general event during warmer weather.

      In the meantime, if members wish to organise their own local ones, please feel free. If you do, please let the Committee know and we can try to attend.

      Ron Goodberry

        Anything happening in the Reading / Berkshire Area’s in the upcoming Month’s Training or meet up wise

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