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      By now you will have got an email asking for certain details so we can plan for when things start

      Part of the email asks for categories of driving licence held. There will be a long list of different classes of vehicle, just because the vehicle is listed it does not mean you have that entitlement on your licence. If there is no expiry date you do not hold that category. There are also caveats, if for example you have

      C<21.07.76 14.05.23 01 that means you have held a class 2 LGV licence since before 1976 valid until 14/05/2023 and you have to wear glasses

      C means you do not hold that licence

      Just because a letter is printed on your licence it does not mean you have that entitlement, no date means no entitlement to drive. So if columns 9 and 11 are blank you do not hold that entitlement

      You may find this link of help.

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