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    Derek Bagshaw
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      To support the Club via Amazon you have to sign in to Smile.Amazon. Microsoft Edge no longer gives the option to set or alter tabs on your home page, so if like me you need an alternative to your current homepage tabs there is a way.

      Using the link provided by Phil open the page, then click on the three dots in the top right corner of the browser, then from the drop down list click on “pin this page to the task bar”. Then whenever you order from Amazon use the icon on the task bar and you will go straight there.

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      Phil Martin
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        Good info Derek.

        Through the Smile Amazon page they do provide some bolt on browser apps for a lot of different browsers. I’ve been trying one in Firefox which seems to work fairly well, and if I manage to stray away from the Smile Amazon site (which you can do) it directs you back.

        I’ve managed to order all the lubricants and service parts through it this week for two Landys :)

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        Mick Wheatley
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          Hi Phil

          Have you thought about adding the charity to ebay also as I know & have seen other response groups on their too

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            Good Call Mick. Didn’t know we could. I’m sure Phil will have a look when he’s back. He’s overseas with his Disco this weekend.

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