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      An English couple from Dawlish are on holiday in Spain – walking along the seafront – when the lady is taken ill. The husband gets her settled on a bench and says he will go and try to find a doctor.
      He sees a bar across the road so he goes over and asks the lady behind the bar where he might find a doctor. She says ‘You are in luck (she speaks fluent English) We have a spare apartment upstairs which a doctor rents and he uses a spare room at the end of the bar as a consulting room.
      I earn a little extra money booking appointments and looking after his diary. Bring your wife over here and the doctor should be free in a few minutes. The man fetches his wife who goes into to see the doctor and the man thinks it would be rude not to have a drink so he orders a pint of Madri chased by a Jack Daniels Honey.
      A few minutes later the consulting room door opens and the doctor says ‘I’ve examined your wife and advised her on treatment – she is good to go’ (The doctor speaks fluent English as well)
      Unfortunately because of patient confidentially and data protection I cannot reveal what was wrong with her.
      The man thanks the doctor and pays him then says ‘I never expected to find a doctor in a bar’
      The doctor says (wait for it!)
      ‘Nobody expects the Spanish Inn physician’

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