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    We are still looking for additional people to join the Management team, most of the roles can be members or supporters.

    This is to help us move the organisation on and to ensure the workload for any one person is not too great, however, if you feel that you could take on more than one role, please let us know.

    The roles we are looking to fill at the moment include:-

    To support the Trustees, and manage the processes, reports and documentation of our charity

    Data Protection Officer
    To ensure that our organisation processes the personal data of its staff, clients, providers or any other individuals are in compliance with the applicable data protection rules.

    Safeguarding Lead
    To develop our safeguarding policy, and to ensure the policy is adhered to, keeping appropriate records.

    Safety Officer
    To work with the Training Manager and the Chief Controller to ensure our safety standards are kept up to date, and Risk Assessments are appropriate.

    Communications Officer
    To maintain and refresh as necessary our communications equipment, and keep suitable records.

    Equipment Officer
    To record and track all out group assets, and manage any repairs and replacements that may be needed

    Assistant web-master
    To support the existing Web-Master in developing and supporting the forums, website, and the online shop.

    In addition, we always need more controllers, to spread the workload.

    Other roles may be available. If you wish to volunteer or feel you can help enhance the group in any way, or have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch with one of the Trustees.

    Training or coaching will always be made available where needed, we only require the enthusiasm to help.

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